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standard analysis of cnc gantry milling machine.

standard analysis of cnc gantry milling machine.

  the cnc portal milling machine is a milling machine with a gantry frame and a horizontal long bed. cnc gantry milling machine bed can use multiple milling cutters to simultaneously process the surface, high processing precision and production efficiency, long service life, low energy consumption, high control precision, strong anti-interference ability, and can be carried out under automatic control conditions. manual jog adjustment function, easy to operate and so on. suitable for flat and beveled surfaces for large workpieces in batch and mass production. cnc gantry milling machines can also process space surfaces and some special parts.
    so what standards do you need to look at when choosing a cnc milling machine? the details are as follows:
    (1) according to the stepped parts of the frame-shaped plane or unequal height, the cnc milling machine with the point---linear system can be selected.
    (2) according to the requirements of parts processing, on the basis of the general cnc milling machine, the numerical control indexing head or the numerical control rotary table is added. at this time, the system of the machine tool is a four-coordinate numerical control system, which can process spiral grooves and blade parts.
    (3) according to the precision requirements of the machined parts. china has established the accuracy standard of cnc milling machine and cnc gantry milling machine. from the perspective of precision selection, the general cnc milling machine can meet the processing needs of most parts. for parts with higher precision requirements, you should consider the use of precision cnc milling machines.
    (4) if the machining part is a curved surface contour, the system of selecting two coordinate linkage and three coordinate linkage should be determined according to the geometry of the curved surface.

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