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air and environmental requirements for use with cnc drilling machines.

 air and environmental requirements for use with cnc drilling machines.
  cnc drilling machines are mainly used for drilling, reaming, reaming, tapping and other processing. in the automotive, locomotive, shipbuilding, aerospace, engineering machinery industry; especially for ultra-long stacking, stringer, structural steel, tubular parts and other porous systems rich in source into the sea of ​​various large-scale parts drilling is preferred.
    many friends who purchase cnc drilling machines will often ask: the air requirements of the environment surrounding the installation site, gao zhiwei, a technical expert of zecheng cnc machinery, will tell you about this.
    1. the requirements for the environment and air mainly depend on your requirements for processing.
    2. generally small and ordinary precision cnc drilling machines have the same air requirements as other similar machine tools.
    3. heavy, large and precise, such as sliding table, gantry type cnc drilling machine, it is required that the air temperature change is not too large, otherwise the machine deformation will cause machining error.
    4. precision, cast iron bed cnc drilling machine requires that the ambient humidity should not be too large, especially in coastal areas. the salt content in the air is relatively high, causing serious corrosion to equipment and electrical components, affecting accuracy and machine life.
    5. of course, precision cnc drilling machines require that the dust content in the air must be well controlled, otherwise all moving parts will be destroyed very effectively.
    6: remove impurities and moisture from compressed air and keep the system sealed!
    7: the air environment used has no water mist or rain.
    8: if compressed air clamping is required, the compressed air should be clean and free of dust and impurities. the method is: the air filter at the air inlet of the air compressor can not be less, and then added to the air outlet of the air compressor. a water separator that separates oil and water from compressed air.  

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