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introduction to sensor application in cnc gantry drilling and milling machine

introduction to sensor application in cnc gantry drilling and milling machine
1 sensor introduction
a sensor is a device or device that can sense a specified measurement and convert it into an available output signal according to a certain rule. the input signal (measured) is often non-electrical, and the output signal is often an easily handleable power such as voltage.
     there are many types of sensors, different classification standards, and different methods. commonly used are resistance sensors, inductive sensors, capacitive sensors, temperature sensors, piezoelectric sensors, hall sensors, thermocouple sensors, photoelectric sensors, digital position sensor, etc. the sensors used in the cnc gantry drilling and milling machine mainly include photoelectric encoder, linear grating, proximity switch, temperature sensor, hall sensor, current sensor, voltage sensor, pressure sensor, liquid level sensor, resolver, inductive synchronizer, speed sensor. etc., mainly used to detect position, linear displacement and angular displacement, speed, pressure, temperature, etc.
2: the demand for sensors in cnc gantry drilling and milling machine
due to the characteristics of high precision, high speed, high efficiency, safety and reliability, cnc gantry drilling and milling machines are rapidly becoming popular in enterprises in the upgrading of manufacturing technology equipment. the cnc gantry drilling and milling machine is an automatic machine tool with a program control system that allows the machine to move and machine parts according to programmed procedures. it combines the latest technologies in mechanics, automation, computers, measurement, microelectronics, etc., using a variety of sensors. this article describes the application of various sensors on cnc gantry drilling and milling machines.
3 displacement detection
the sensors for displacement detection mainly include pulse encoders, linear gratings, resolvers, and inductosyns.
3.1 pulse encoder application
a pulse encoder is an angular displacement (speed) sensor that turns a mechanical angle into an electrical pulse. pulse encoders can be divided into three types: photoelectric, contact and electromagnetic. among them, photoelectric applications are more.
in fig. 1, the x-axis and z-axis ends are respectively equipped with photoelectric encoders for angular displacement measurement and digital speed measurement, and the angular displacement can indirectly reflect the linear displacement of the carriage or the tool holder through the screw pitch.
3.2 application of linear grating
linear grating is made by the phenomenon of transmission and reflection of light. it is often used for displacement measurement. it has high resolution and high measurement accuracy compared with photoelectric encoder, which is suitable for dynamic measurement.
in the feed drive, the scale is fixed on the bed, and the pulse signal generated directly reflects the actual position of the carriage. the servo system that uses the grating to detect the position of the table is a full closed loop control system.
3.3 application of rotary transformer
a resolver is an inductive micromotor in which the output voltage is a continuous function of angular displacement. the resolver consists of a stator and a rotor. specifically, it consists of a core, two stator windings and two rotor windings. the primary and secondary windings are placed on the stator and rotor respectively, and the electromagnetic coupling between the primary and secondary windings. the extent is related to the angle of rotation of the rotor.
3.4 application of inductosyn
inductive synchronizers are made using the principle that the mutual inductance of two planar windings varies with position. its function is to convert the angular or linear displacement into the phase or amplitude of the induced electromotive force, which can be used to measure the linear or angular displacement. according to its structure, it can be divided into two types: linear and rotary. the linear induction synchronizer consists of a fixed length and a sliding ruler. the fixed length is mounted on the machine bed, the slide is mounted on the moving part and moves with the worktable; the rotary induction synchronizer stator is a fixed disc, and the rotor for rotating discs. the inductive synchronizer has the advantages of high precision and resolution, strong anti-interference ability, long service life, simple maintenance, long-distance displacement measurement, good processability and low cost. linear induction synchronizers are widely used in large displacement static and dynamic measurement, such as three coordinate measuring machines, program-controlled cnc gantry drilling and milling machines, high-precision heavy-duty machine tools and machining center measuring devices. rotary inductive synchronizers are widely used in turntables for machine tools and instruments, as well as in various rotary servo control systems.
4: cnc gantry drilling and milling machine requirements for sensors
high reliability and strong anti-interference; meet the requirements of accuracy and speed; easy to use and maintain, suitable for machine tool operating environment; low cost.
different types of cnc gantry drilling and milling machines have different requirements for sensors. generally speaking, large-scale machine tools require high speed response, and medium- and high-precision cnc gantry drilling and milling machines are mainly required.
     the above describes the application of the sensor in the cnc gantry drilling and milling machine. with the upgrade of the sensor technology, the cnc gantry drilling and milling machine will inevitably enter a new height.

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